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Ok... I finished Charlaine Harris' Dead Ever After, from the Sookie Stackhouse "Southern Vampire" series last night. Words fail me to describe how horrible this book is; it literally ruined the entire series. I've been reading the Sookie books since 2001. My sisters & I have always enjoyed them. I've always referred to them as "Laurell K. Hamilton Lite". It annoyed me that Charlaine Harris pretended to have kicked off the "supernaturals integrating into modern society" craze. Um, no. LKH was doing that years before you started. Regardless, the books were cute. I've continued to read them LONG past the point that my other sisters gave up. There is no doubt that the series has declined over the past few years, but this ending is execrable.

It's not even about who I wanted Sookie to end up with. I could have been happy with her ending up with practically ANYONE as long as it made sense. Unfortunately, the book reads like word salad. Charlaine Harris decided to shoe-horn in every character who has ever appeared in the series to try to create some sort of Sookie high school reunion special. There are homophobic & racist overtones. The plot is ridiculous. She broke the rules of the mythos she created (this is a particularly irritating action to me) & she must hate her own characters because she sentenced them to misery.

I'm never picking up another Charlaine Harris book again. She degraded her characters & her readers. We deserve better.
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Ok, so I know I'm years behind everyone, but I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy this past weekend.

Perfect & Devastating.

Every time I hear Taylor Swift's "Safe & Sound" from the soundtrack, I weep. Since I am apparently a masochist, I've been listening to it often.

I really respect the series for not going for the Hollywood ending. I want to re-read it almost immediately... I was reading so quickly towards the end because I just couldn't bear it... I didn't get a chance to savor it.

This is going up there with The Chronicles of Prydain (Lloyd Alexander) as one of my favorite YA series.
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Hi! [personal profile] wolfshark is typing for me, because my hand is injured, but I'm new here! Hope to make lots of new friends.


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